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Аюрведа. Как она есть

Я получаю десятки писем из аюрведического госпиталя, в котором обучаюсь не один год практике Аюрведы и не только… И вот подумала, что эти письма надо выкладывать в том виде, как они приходят- без перевода. Это особые письма и каждый доложен сам почувствовать атмосферу погружения в Аюрведу разными людьми на разных континентах…



Dear Elena Perepelkina,

We at Rajah Ayurveda hope that you are doing well.

By grace of God, things are going smooth here. The days are sunny except for the unexpected showers and more & more patients are coming for treatments. Of course in a week, 3 or 4 times your name jumps into our conversation, but for one reason or the other it doesn't end up in sending mail to you. Sorry for that and we hope you can understand this phenomenon which is common everywhere. It doesn't mean you are not in our heart. Anyway today your memories came with the cool afternoon drizzles & urged us to send a mail. Just for nothing, only to convey our love from another continent, another culture and other minds.

We feel that this is important for the sender & the recipient, if there is a good synergy between them.

And let us wish all the very best to you and hope to see you in near future.

Thanking you

With warm regards


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13.10.2014 г.

[ Назад ]
В данной рубрике размещается переписка с авторами писем анонимно с сохранением авторских орфографии, стиля и пунктуации.